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In 2013, the internet helped me drive through the entire country, photograph all 50 states and figure out why people call their state home.

The project is an extension of a Texas poster I made in 2011 after I moved to New York, where I listed out all the things I missed about my home.


In addition to writing the posters, I also posted each state's list to, where people could learn more about each state or input their own experience and knowledge on the matter.

It took a month or so to prepare the Kickstarter campaign, a month to raise all the funds, ten days to prepare for the trip I had just learned I'd be going on and four months to complete the journey.

I recorded my thoughts on the road all throughout the trip from the passenger seat so people could be there with me, zoning out while I talked about who-knows-what.

Along with the posters, a couple of books were produced, one photography book and one 3D photography book. A free digital 3D version of Home can be downloaded here:

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