I made a promise to my dad that I'd never make an ad featuring a baby that can do things full-grown adults can do, because he finds that very creepy. It's the least I could do since I became an art director instead of a doctor.

Below are a collection of ads I've made, click images to enlarge.

Creative Directors: Jon Sayegh, Justin Levine
Writer: Conor Patterson
Producer: Jennifer Truss

AARP Reputation

Writer: Dan Kalmus

Writer: Dan Kalmus

Breathe Right #Mouthbreathers

Writer: Dan Kalmus

Panadol Cold and Flu "Reality Show"
Panadol Cold and Flu "Family Vacation"

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Written and photographed by me

My parents started a small business when they first immigrated to America since 1976 and still run it today. I wrote these ads celebrating how they’ve always been on trend for the past 43 years.

I also wrote a longer post on how they’re the best in /latest