A collection of ads I've made as an art director, click images to enlarge, right-click here to view as pdf from the /downloads.

Creative Directors: Jon Sayegh, Justin Levine
Writer: Conor Patterson
Producer: Jennifer Truss

AARP Reputation

Writer: Dan Kalmus

Writer: Dan Kalmus

Breathe Right "#MouthBreathers"

Writer: Dan Kalmus

Panadol Cold and Flu "Reality Show"
Panadol Cold and Flu "Family Vacation"

Creative Directors: Jon Sayegh & Justin Levine

ECD: Dave Cohen, Lee St. James / Writer: Dan Kalmus / Producer: Sophia Pellicoro


Producer: June Kim / Strategy: Blake Gilmore

Sartalics is a left-leaning type style to convey sarcasm in text.

It'd be nice if through a partnership with Disqus and Google, Microsoft would resurrect Clippy to help people utilize Sartalics and raise awareness when they're commenting on the internet.

You can learn more about the project, the mechanics and the rest at \sartalics.

School cafeteria posters featuring Chobani's 2012 Summer Olympic athletes winning the day.

Writer: Skyler Dobin

A self-promotion ad for the Leo Burnett network in Shots magazine during award season celebrating the road to Cannes.

Writer: Ricky Lambert

A Young Glory brief asked for a better way to raise money for Wikipedia instead of the usual face-on-a-banner. This got runner-up.

By simply donating a minimum of $1, users can become “king” of any Wikipedia page of their choice. If the page already has a king, they must donate more money (in total) than the current king. Each page can only have one king at a time, which will force people to claw their way to the top similarly to the childhood game King of the Hill. Donators are therefore more likely to become repeat contributors, because they’ll want to remain king of the page featuring their favorite actor, dinosaur, or turtle species. They can also share the status with their friends to get them to join in on the fun.

We will encourage those who are the subject of Wikipedia entries to offer prizes to the kings of their pages. It will serve as a way for celebrities, companies, and anyone else that graces the pages of Wikipedia to show their support for the site.

To show our appreciation to everyone who donates, we’ll feature every single person who donated to Wikipedia on a hall of fame site. Donators are given a piece of real estate proportional to the amount they donated. People can find themselves through a simple search bar.

In the end, Wikipedia will acquire more donations, donators will be rightfully acknowledged for the contributions, and everyone who visits Wikipedia will have a sense of how each dollar helps keep the site alive.