Hey Bleacher Report. Thanks for visiting.

I'm an advertising art director and I make stuff.

I enjoy sports, but I love the numbers behind it more. I don't mean "numbers," like the the same way Daryl Morey likes numbers, but rather visualizing it graphically and making charts and infographics.

Below are some projects I've made and ads I've art directed.

Please enjoy.

Rockets Space Patches

I remember watching the Rockets win their first championship with my dad in 1994, because we had to order Pay-Per-View (a big deal) and my mom ordered pizza for delivery (an even bigger deal). I've been a fan ever since and to celebrate their 49 seasons, I designed nine space patches for their hallmark seasons (because I also love NASA).

Top left to right: 1994: The first championship // 1995: Back-to-Back // 1972: Moved to Houston // 1976: Moved to the Summit // 2003: Yao Ming drafted // 1996: New Logo and Jersey // 2015: The emergence of James Harden // 2004: New logo and jerseys…again // 2008: 22-game win streak


In 2013, I went on a Kickstarter-funded, 50-state, 99-day road trip to learn why locals called their state home (food and sports, mainly). Then I made a bunch of posters, postcards and a couple books from my learnings.

Below is the video of the project and sample spreads from the book.

You can learn more about this project and see all 51 posters at /home

Emergen-C Posters

Emergen-C wanted to promote their new nighttime product, Emergen-Z, along side their regular orange powder.

Chobani Champions Posters

Chobani wanted to make a series of school cafeteria posters featuring their Olympic athletes that stood out and wasn't your typical motivational T•E•A•M•W•O•R•K posters.

Panadol Cold and Flu Commercials

A couple commercials for Panadol Cold & Flu that ran East and South Asia and the Middle East.

Panadol Cold and Flu "Reality Show"
Panadol Cold and Flu "Family Vacation"

Flag of the World Pop-Up Book

In 2010, I was immobile from an ACL tear, so I watched a lot of World Cup and noticed how there were overlaps in flag designs. So I made this pop-up book to make sense of it all.

The Sports Calendar

I wanted to know when I could expect to tune back into SportsCenter after a long baseball season, so I designed this chart and made it into a clock that takes a year to make one full revolution.

Click to enlarge

Ego and the Sports Calendar Clock

Ego and the Sports Calendar Clock


Feel free to look at more work or see my /latest projects on the blog.

Oh yeah. PS.

In the 2014 playoffs, Mo Williams made up beef with then-Rockets, Troy Daniels. The only thing Mo would say about the matter was that Troy knew what he did. But then in Game 5, Troy let the numbers do the talking and put up more points than Mo. So I made this.

Then, Troy made it his Twitter avatar after throwing a filter on it.