Hello Cole Haan,

I'm currently an art director at Grey where I work on AARP, Tums and Breathe Right. Before that, I went to every state in America for a Kickstarter project. And before that, I freelanced at Leo Burnett New York, where I found out I was really good at drawing animals.

I've been wearing Cole Haans since BBH's #DontGoHome campaign and since then, the work and products Cole Haan have done are phenomenal.

I think I'd be a nice fit on the Cole Haan team with the range of work I've done, from brand and style guides for Chobani, to a commercial where we created a boy band for the Asian markets, to side hustles to produce posters, postcards and books, some of which, can be seen below.

Thanks for your time and please enjoy.


In 2013, I went on a Kickstarter-funded, 50-state, 99-day road trip to learn why locals called their state home (mainly food). Then I made a bunch of posters, postcards and a couple books from my learnings.

Below is the video of the project and sample spreads from the book.

You can view all 51 posters at /home

Rockets Space Patches

I remember watching the Rockets win their first championship with my dad in 1994, because we had to order Pay-Per-View and my mom ordered us pizza and that was a huge deal. I've been a fan ever since and to celebrate their 50 seasons, I designed nine space patches for their nine hallmark seasons (because I also love NASA).

Top left to right: 1994: The first championship // 1995: Back-to-Back // 1972: Moved to Houston // 1976: Moved to the Summit // 2003: Yao Ming drafted // 1996: New Logo and Jersey // 2015: The emergence of James Harden // 2004: New logo and jerseys…again // 2008: 22-game win streak


In 2017, at the beginning of a new political climate, AARP needed a new campaign to help Americans remember AARP's humble beginnings and what they stand for.

AARP Reputation

Breathe Right

Breathe Right #Mouthbreathers

Panadol Cold and Flu Commercials

A couple commercials for Panadol Cold & Flu that ran East and South Asia and the Middle East.

Panadol Cold and Flu "Reality Show"
Panadol Cold and Flu "Family Vacation"


Emergen-C wanted to promote their new nighttime product, Emergen-Z along side their regular orange powder.

Ego's Deck Dream

Every day from June 18, 2016, to June 18, 2017, I imagined, my dog, Ego's dreams of what was beyond her deck's walls. Below are some of my favorites.

You can learn more about the project in /latest and /paintings Egos Deck Dream, and see the 'Grams I did for Grey in /latest.

Project Notes

I needed a way to keep detailed notes on my projects, but my regular notebook wouldn't suffice. Inspired by dentists' charts and notes (I used to be a dental assistant), I made my own using some leftover patterns I painted.

In it, I can keep track of the project's color palettes and brushes, etc. This way, whenever I open up the Photoshop file at a later date, I'll know why I have so many inexplicable layers.

The cover is from a digital painting I did of big cats.
My notes for the I'd Rather Die Than Diet poster

My notes for the I'd Rather Die Than Diet poster

Patterned Playing Cards

My brother collects playing cards, so I designed a set for him, inspired by a visit to my client's drapery store once.

Flag of the World Pop-Up Book

In 2010, I was immobile from an ACL tear, so I watched a lot of World Cup and noticed how there were overlaps in flag designs. So I made this pop-up book to make sense of it all while all my friends played soccer.

Food For Thought


Feel free to look at more work or see my /latest projects on the blog.

For detailed résumé annotations, please visit the RapGenius page.

P.S. I always like how your shoes are named after NYC streets. Here's an index of the Manhattan skyline from my apartment. They're not as catchy as your shoe names, but maybe they're open to suggestions.

You can read more about this project in /latest