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Part 1: Ego’s Deck Dreams


This is Ego.


When my two roommates and I moved to our East Village, six-floor walkup in 2012, Ego had five beautiful years to just admire the Manhattan skyline.

2017-12 week 2 low-res export-43.jpg

But she was getting older and walking up the steep flights twice a day was getting to be too hard on her knees, so we all moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where Ego could ride an elevator and we could still have a view of Manhattan.

Ego, however, couldn’t see the skyline anymore.

So almost every day for a year, I painted what Ego would dream about if she could see the Manhattan skyline again.

(Painted using Procreate on an iPad)

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Part 2: Ego’s Travel Dreams

In 2017, Ego left New York City to live in Amsterdam with my roommates. I couldn’t stop crying.

Part 3: Ego’s Delft Dreams

I paid them a month-long visit in 2018 and couldn’t get over how much Ego adapted to her new European lifestyle: she’s slimmer, gets to play on the grass more, and barks in Dutch now. Inspired by her new life in Amsterdam, I painted her new dreams as traditional Delft Blue tiles.

Ego’s Delft Dreams , 2018. Digital. Digitally printed on ceramic.

Ego’s Delft Dreams, 2018. Digital. Digitally printed on ceramic.