projects / Flags of the World Pop-Up Book

Like a movie script, it's hard to come up with an original flag to represent your country nowadays. Just look at Indonesia and Monaco's flag. They're the same flag. Turn it around and you get Poland. Some are original, though. A little too original...Isle of Man...

Anyway, here is a hand-drawn, pop-up book featuring all the flags of the world, circa 2010. You can draw your own flag on the cover with a dry-erase if you're inspired.

flag book photos export-17.jpg
flag book photos export-11.jpg
flag book photos export-22.jpg

Since the book was created in 2010, the political world has changed a little: a few flags were added, one was changed, and some were removed.

In the updated version:

  • Flags will be painted with watercolor instead of drawn with markers
  • The focus will be less on the visual themes of the flags to associating flags with countries
  • A companion site will help readers discuss and learn why all the Scandinavian flags have the same template or why a lot of African flags share the same colors.