Cleveland, Ohio

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I met Mark, my host for the night, at his place not far from the lake and got right down to business.

Lebron James: Over it.
Chief Wahoo: People should get over it, Redskins is far more offensive. Chief Wahoo is just a logo.
Economic woes: Yeah, sure, but Cleveland also has world-class art museums, symphonies and the aforementioned sports teams. Over it.
Food: There’s a “New American” movement happening in Cleveland.

Mark pointed me towards Melt as an example of the New American cuisine, so I made my way.

Melt, like NYC’s S’mac or Crif Dogs, focuses on one American food, in this case, grilled cheese sandwiches and makes it even more American, thus “New American.”

What could be more American than putting fried eggs, hickory bacon and american cheese into a grilled sandwich and calling it the Wake and Bacon? Not much.

At the end of the day, on the “Cleveland Sucks to Cleveland Rocks" scale, I’m going to have to say New American rocks, but you can't have "New American" without having an Old American and Old Americans are the Native Americans, who are, very unfortunately, portrayed by the Cleveland Indians with Chief Wahoo, which sucks terribly.

On a personal level, I haven’t had to use the gun Dino told me to bring yet, so my impression of Cleveland so far is “Cleveland Sucks in Sports and Racially Insensitive Sports Logos but has a lot of Rockin’* Upside.”

*Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tomorrow.

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