New York poster

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

New York has the distinction of having its most populous city share the same name as the state.

This creates some problems with New Yorkers (the state) as they see themselves very different from a New Yorker (the city).

For starters, every New Yorker has their own definition of where "Upstate New York" starts.

A Manhattanite might say Upstate is north of White Plains. An Albanian (from Albany, NY, not Albania) might say they're on the southern border of the imaginary Upstate line. It goes on until you're 30 minutes south of Canada.

Opinions of New Yorkers of all regions differ from hot dogs (four kinds) to sports (two baseball and basketball teams and three football* and hockey teams).

Deep down, all New Yorkers are pretty nice and pretty great, but let's face it, New York (city) could very well be its own state and if only New York stuck with the name New Amsterdam, maybe they would. Or at least there wouldn't be a whole confusion of having to specify New York City or State.

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