Massachusetts' Cape Cod

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

I don’t know much about Massachusetts. The one time I was in Boston wasn’t the best experience and whenever I learned about the Salem witch trials, I thought it was in Salem, Oregon, because of all those dinners I ate on a state capital placemat.

Honestly, I didn’t even know Cape Cod was part of the state. I never gave it much thought outside of the chips and Vampire Weekend song of the same name, but given that level of popularity, I decided I’d at least check it out. Especially with a town in the cape named Sandwich, I would have to.

Since it was the afternoon before a long weekend, a man at the visitor center told me some back roads to skip the inevitably long lines on the two bridges into the cape.

I shortly found myself in Sandwich, Massachusetts, unironically eating a sandwich which came with Cape Cod chips.

Later, I drove around aimlessly looking for a lighthouse and stumbled upon the lighthouse that is on every bag of Cape Cod chips.

Everything is connected.

Everything would have been more connected if it was the Salem sandwich trials, but whatever.