Boston, Massachusetts on July 4th

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

Sarah and I walked around a bit in the morning of the Fourth and ran into a crowd of people standing around Granary Burying Ground, one of many stops on the Freedom Trail.

A man with a beret read from a document and periodically on cue, a row of men wearing tri-corner hats raised their guns from the 1700s, shot into the air, reloaded, and the man continued reading.

Done with the Granary Burying Ground, he told the crowd to continue on to King’s Chapel. Sarah and I decided to walk ahead of the police escort and the band started to play a cheery and jazzy “Star-Spangled Banner.”

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to take my hat off (I did) or do a little fancy footwork (I didn’t), but it was doubly awkward because we wanted to beat the crowd but didn’t want to disrespect the national anthem by walking away.

I walked backwards for a bit and took photos as I went to cover up the awkward, but decided to just turn around and go back to the apartment.

It seemed more of like an American history version of Stations of the Cross than an Independence Day Parade, but as our Founding Fathers once said, “Go ‘head switch your style up and if they hate then let ‘em hate and watch the money pile up.”