Independence Day in Bar Harbor, Maine

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

I spent a lot of my past July Fourths either lighting fireworks or watching fireworks in the name of freedom, America and my mom’s birthday.

But I guess because I now had the freedom of driving and exploring America in pursuit of life, liberty and asking people why they call their state home, I didn’t need the fireworks this year and symbolically chose to be in Maine, far away from the city for the Fourth of July.

I saw some amateur fireworks set off across the lake which kept my fireworks streak alive, but the real show was looking up from my tent and seeing all the stars and hearing the unfamiliar sounds of nature.

And despite being loud, it wasn’t as obnoxious as the bar across the street from my New York apartment. And despite being far away from the city, I still had signal to call my mom and wish her a happy birthday.