West Bath, Maine

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

This beautiful waterfront Victorian reminded me of a house you’d see in a Disney movie. There were a couple of squirrels running about, one looked down towards me from the roof of the guest house which I guess perpetuated the idea that this could have been the house from Up.

The name of the house given to by its owner and my AirBnB host, however, is Waratah Cottage, named after the SS Waratah, which had a very un-Disney ending.

Ramsay fell upon the cottage almost by accident. She was visiting Maine from California years ago and saw a house for sale in the paper. One thing led to another and she ended up with the house where she now learns to play the cello in her sun room overlooking a lake.

Not a bad accident.

But as lovely as Maine can be, it doesn’t have good Chinese food, Ramsay told me, nor does it have sourdough bread. No one has real sourdough bread except for the Bay Area. Real sourdough can only be made there because the bacteria in the air is what gives it its sour quality. So if you’re eating sourdough somewhere that isn’t in California, you might as well make it a sourdough kobe beef sandwich and continue living your lie.

We then talked a bit about my project, which she was excited about and said she’ll see me on the Today Show sometime.

That’d be pretty Disney, I think. To my disappointment, though, I had to dress myself the next morning with no assistance from the forest animals, so there’s still some work to do.