Bar Harbor, Maine

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Initially, I wanted to camp in Acadia National Park for the Fourth but the park was full, so I found a listing on AirBnB that allowed procrastinating campers to pitch their tent in a backyard.

If this sounds like the opposite of camping to you then you must be a bear, because this was real and it was amazing.

Especially when you consider that the house sat on a few acres of land, and anything that wasn’t the house was the backyard, and inside the house was a shower with indoor plumbing. It was best of both worlds.

David greeted me and told me I could set up next to a skate ramp. He gave some pointers on where I could go for some traditional Maine food: fried seafood and lobster.

The next morning over a cup of coffee, I learned that David builds things, including the coffee table in use, skate ramp from last night and this house on the few acres of land, and his wife, Cara, makes jewelry at her studio in a nearby town.

So naturally, they said that Maine’s great if you’re an artist, with its communities, retreats and schools.

Maine’s also great if you trust everyone because multiple people told me they never really feel like they have to lock their doors. And if the saying is true according to Cara, “As Maine goes, so goes the nation,” maybe in a few years the people who broke into my car could just try the doors first before smashing a couple windows with a giant rock.

But until then, my saying is “As Maine does, go check it out. And say hello to my friends Cara and David and camp in their backyard and don’t insult Mainers by locking your doors because everyone’s pretty friendly around here.”