Hopkinton, New Hampshire

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

I was a little confused when I got to my AirBnB in Hopkinton, NH, and found out it was a farm and not an apartment. Then I was a little confused again when Patti, my AirBnB host said Socrates was probably out back in the farm and I saw Socrates killing insects in the garden and was a human and not a cat.

Rick and Patti told Socrates (who was helping around the farm from Florida) and me at dinner about Old Man Mountain (something New Hampshire is completely obsessed with even after its demise), their cheap liquor stores (so cheap that neighboring states cross state borders just to save money), and their small government (their state house is tiny).

Patti and her husband, Rick, named the farm Breakwind farm, and the more I talked with them while passing the fresh salad around, I learned that “breakwind” refers to what you think it refers to. Especially when you consider their website is fartootempting.com and their specialty is baked beans.

I’ve never had a farm-to-table dinner where the distance the food traveled from a farm to my table was so short. On the flip side, the scraps were collected and dumped into compost bins right next to the table, perhaps giving the compost worms the shortest distance table-to-dirt dinner they’ve ever had.

So if you ever find yourself at Breakwind Farm, go ahead and break the freshest wind you’ve ever broken and come prepared with puns to have a pun battle with Rick.