Waterbury, Vermont

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

If you ever get New Hampshire and Vermont mixed up on a map, just remember that Vermont is shaped like a V.

But if you’re ever blindfolded then dropped into either one of these states and can’t tell whether you’re in a V-shaped state or not, just remember a couple things: 

Everything in Vermont is made of sugar. Fresh Ben & Jerry’s, maple syrup on pancakes, maple syrup soda, maple syrup in coffee and I’m certain if they could, they’d probably have their own Vermont Coke (like Mexican Coke but with maple syrup instead of cane sugar…or American coke and high-fructose corn syrup).

And if you see a giant see monster chilling in a giant lake, that would be Champ chilling in Lake Champlain. Take a photo for proof, sell to National Enquirer, and never be blindfolded then tossed into a random state ever again.