Albany, New York

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

It’s a weird thing to see all the signs pointing you towards back to NYC where your friends are hanging out and where Ego, the dog, is laying on your bed, but you can’t go back home yet because you decided to do a Kickstarter project.

The residences in Albany reminded me of my neighborhood, Albany’s Washington Park was just a word short of being NYC’s Washington Square Park and I was getting harassed by kids wanting me to take their picture. Just like home.

On the other hand, NYC doesn’t have a concert hall shaped like a spaceship called The Egg and NYC doesn’t have the kind of street parking that is available in Albany.

I read about New York’s capital when I read about Theodore Roosevelt’s early career, so I retraced his steps by walking up and down hills through the park, though the Capitol, under the plaza, through the plaza, and into The Egg where the elevator wasn’t working.

Was this what Theodore Roosevelt saw when he was an New York State Assemblyman in 1882? Most likely not.

Would Theodore Roosevelt yearn to be back with Ego if he was just 151 miles from home? Yes probably.

But Theodore Roosevelt knew he had a job to do and he did it, and I think it was he who coined the famous phrase, “If you can leave NYC there, you can go anywhere.*”

So I left Albany and soldiered on to Saratoga Springs where my friend was living, and I knew I’d be back with Ego in a month.

*Citation needed