Saratoga Springs, New York

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

After Albany, I headed north to Saratoga Springs to meet Nam. I first met him in in Boston when the Texans played the Patriots in the playoffs. He’s been here and there but finally rooted down in Saratoga Springs for work and got a charming Victorian duplex.

If Saratoga Springs had a minor league baseball team, it’d probably be the “Saratoga Spring Stables” or the “Saratoga Spring Seabiscuits” or something—anything—to do with horses.

I know this because when I came here, I found signs that gave much more love to horses than humans, outside the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame stands a statue of Seabiscuit, and Nam told me I’m barely missing track season when the city really comes alive.

Maybe next time, Nam. And maybe my beginner’s luck will carry over to the track. And maybe, I won’t call it horse season next time, because as we all know, horse season can be mistaken for something like…deer season.