Niagara Falls, New York

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

I visited Niagara Falls, Canada twice in my life and both times, we never crossed the border. “Why? You can’t really see the Falls on the American side,” my parents told me.

I’ll tell you why, Mom (circa 1998): Because the American side is pure, and not as commercially polluted as the Canadian side. Because a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not shop has no business being in one of the most beautiful and natural landmarks of this continent. And because we’re Americans, damn it.

As I argued with my mom in my head, I realized this was the first time since I left NYC on July 1, that I truly felt lonely. I’ve always been here with my family and now I sat on a bench looking at families taking photos while the sun set.

The mist was all over my face and I had to wipe it off to ensure everyone I wasn’t sad, because how can you be sad when you’re at one of the most beautiful landmarks of the country, where the country-in-question is America?