Niagara Falls, New York

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

Ray, my host for the night, suggested a couple places for me to eat while in town: The Silo, featured in Man V Food, used to be a silo on the river and The Why, named after the YMCA next door.

Both restaurants have a pretty literal name—even the Twist o’ the Mist is shaped like the food it serves. And if you zoom out a little bit on Google Maps, the city is named after the second biggest attraction, only second to the Rainbow Bridge (or is it the other way around?).

The whole city, it seems, gives their businesses obvious names. And in a time where the city’s fallen on tough economic times, a little honesty is what we need.

Ray lived in NYC for several years. He rattled of ad agency letters like JWT and Y&R and when I asked him if he was in advertising, he said MIS.

As he grows older, Ray finds himself inching closer and closer to Canada. Perhaps it’s because his family’s there. Or maybe it’s because fresh fallen snow Niagara Falls is gorgeous. Or maybe because with a name like Ray, he was destined to be in the same city as the biggest attraction in the city (or is it second?).