I'm currently an advertising art director and I illustrate and paint on the side whenever I can. I like telling stories, either 30 seconds at a time, or in a single image.

Below are just some of the work I've done. Please enjoy.

Egos Deck Dream

In 2016, my roommates moved from our tiny, one-bedroom, six-floor walk-up in East Village to a big, two-bedroom apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Our dog, Ego, no longer had to walk up six flights cause she had an elevator, and could run in more than one direction cause she had a huge deck just to herself.

Unfortunately, she can't see over the deck's wall, so every day, I illustrated what she would've dreamed about if she could only see the view we got for her.

You can learn more about the project in /egos deck dream

Grey Instagram Takeover

Every week, an employee takes over Grey's Instagram account and after spending a year drawing animals every day, I wanted to bring that direction to the feed.

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Chendra and the Wild Quest

A book agent once tweeted a real-life picture of an Oregon Zoo elephant meeting a sea lion and said, "Someone turn this story into a children's book asap!" so I took the tweet (joke?) a little too serious and a week later, made this book digitally painting on Photoshop over my own photographs for her and her newborn.

A little too advanced for a newborn, I know. Read more about the process in /latest

Quick Brown Foxes

An ongoing series of what style of fox jumps over a lazy dog based on the typeface.

Frieds of March Invitation

I made this invitation to celebrate the Frieds of March on the Ides of March. Oh, what is the Frieds of March? That's when we go to different restaurants and eat fried chicken sandwiches.


Read more about the process of this in the /latest


Below are some digital paintings I made to learn new tools, brushes and techniques.

Shelter, 2015. Digital
Read about the process here.

Bird Bath, 2015. Digital
Read about the process here.

Dachshund Buns, 2017. Digital
Read about the process here

Birds, 2017. Digital
Read about the process here

Bees, 2017. Digital
Read about the process here

Lay Low, Work Slow, 2016. Digital
Read about the process here

 Coral Reef, 2016. Digital

Coral Reef, 2016. Digital

Tiger Nap, 2016. Digital

Flamingos, 2014
watercolor on paper

Project Note Notebook

I had a bunch of patterns I made that I didn't know what to do with and I needed a way to keep detailed notes on my projects, but my regular notebook wouldn't suffice. Inspired by my time as a dental assistant, and all those times I charted other people's dental hygiene, I made my own.

In it, I can keep track of the project's color palettes and brushes, etc. This way, whenever I open up the Photoshop file at a later date, I'll know why I have so many inexplicable layers.

 The cover is from a  digital painting I did of big cats .

Flag of the World Pop-Up Book

In 2010, I was immobile from an ACL tear, so I watched a lot of World Cup and noticed how there were overlaps in flag designs. So I made this pop-up book to make sense of it all while all my friends played soccer.


Feel free to look at more work or see my /latest projects on the blog.

Home: That one time I drove around the entire 50 states in 3 months

In 2013, I went on a Kickstarter-funded, 50-state, 99-day road trip to learn why locals called their state home (food, mainly). Then I made a bunch of posters, postcards and a couple books from my learnings.

Below is the video of the project and sample spreads from the book.

You can learn more about this project and see all 51 posters at /home