Latest Project: Giraffe and His Friends

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

Giraffe and His Friends, 2015

I don't remember when or why this idea popped in my head. Perhaps it was when I decided to quit being so literal when painting animals and just let my giraffes be? I don't know.

Drew this one morning on the roof.

Drew this one morning on the roof.

It was probably in a meeting or something. Anyway, I had this thought of making this illustration while wanting to test out Kyle's Photoshop Brushes. I bought his first brushes but never tried them out because I was still using real brushes and real paint. But I finally worked up the courage to give it a go.

The Giraffe Shelter process:
1. Sketch // 2. Base // 3. Color // 4. Duplicated color layer and added spots // 5. Details // 6. Umbrella

Once I added in the rain and background, I planned Giraffe's friends seeking shelter in a separate file to keep memory usage down.

Animals in order of appearance if you don't count the huge, towering giraffe:
1. Elephant // 2. Ostrich // 3. Zebra // 4. Water buffalo // 5. Baboon // 6. Flamingo // 7. Warthog // 8. Cheetah // 9. Gazelle // 10. Jackal // 11. Lion // 12. Tiger