Latest Project: I'd Rather Die Than Diet poster

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

I'd Rather Die Than Diet, 2015. Sour belts on paper.

I keep snacks at my desk and coworkers like to swing by. Sometimes to talk, but mainly for the snacks.

One time, my frequent friend Amanda swung down and turned down some snacks cause she was dieting and one of us said, I'd rather die than diet.

Thus, these pages of sketches like this were drawn in my notebook:


Next step required buying bags and bags of sour belts from Lower East Side's Economy Candy and lay it all out.

Touch-ups include: softening shadows and removing lines, stray candy pieces, and pins

I made some prints and gave it to some friends and coworkers, including Amanda. I'd even put it in the office kitchen but I'm certain it'd be removed fairly quickly

For the record, I'd rather diet than die, but perhaps a diet of Ben and Jerry's is the best way to go.