Latest Project: Redoing NYC's Heat Regulation Chart

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

My landlord is a slumlord. And I'm sure most of New York's landlords/slumlords are also scumbags.

And though there's an infographic to make in those two sentences, that wouldn't help anyone. Instead, I made remade this chart because I'm always having to check the NYC's 311 page and look at this image to see if it's time to report Eric for not turning the heat on.

Eric's a real scumbag, guys.

Eric's a real scumbag, guys.

It always takes a minute for me to figure that thing out. I mean…I know looking into your neighbor's apartment is a New York tradition, but a 311 chart is not the place draw a lady brushing her teeth through her bathroom window. In fact, that's probably something that would warrant a call to 911.

So I made this and printed out some copies for my neighbors living in the gentrified slums of New York. Get yours in the /downloads.

Knowledge is power. Power is energy. And energy is heat and hot water.

I grew up in Alief, so I live by the "Snitches Get Stitches" rule, but I make an exception for Eric.