Latest Project: Ballerinas

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

Last year, I watched An American in Paris with my friend Valerie. There was a scene in there that I thought was so beautiful. No photography is allowed during a show, of course, so I committed the scene to memory and randomly accessed that part of the brain last week and decided to put it down on digital paper.

The show is about humans, but to keep with my recent theme of painting animals doing stuff while I watch tv shows about humans doing unrelated stuff, I decided to go with alpacas and llamas while my roommate had a friend over to watch The Bachelor finale.

South American Ballet, 2016. Digital

A thing I enjoy about painting animals is that I learn some things along the way. For instance, farmers often keep a llama around to protect their herd of alpacas because they're independent and alpacas are timid herd animals.

That's why the principal dancer is a llama and her supporting dancers are alpacas.

Process: I felt weird building this gif and seeing a nude (tutu-less) female llama, guys.

After I finished this piece, something I forgot I had in my brain since 2015 while watching a show with Valerie, who got me the tools to finish this piece to begin with, I feel like I'm ready to finally tackle my next big project that I've been planning since 2014: Noah in Space (Name WIP).