Latest Project: Cheeseburger Friday Newsletter

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While I was at Leo Burnett New York, my friend started Cheeseburger Friday, CBF. Every Friday, we'd go to a new burger place. Even after I left LBNY, I'd join every now and then for a cheeseburger with my friends. We had discussions, rankings and a physical leaderboard.

Anyway, I imported CBF to Grey and it started off as a tiny thing cause Shake Shack is across the street in the park, but it grew into a bigger thing cause there were a lot of burger places around 23rd and 5th and now we have discussions, spreadsheets, algorithms, ranks and grades.

After an average-cheeseburger CBF, I visited my dear friend's studio show and was hit with inspiration and a little revelation: Cheeseburger Fridays isn't about cheeseburgers. It's about hanging out friends, co-workers and turning co-workers into new friends and we all just happen to be eating the same food.

I wanted to make a newsletter to let the people express their CBF experiences through art and copy that wouldn't have to be scrutinized by their boss or clients and could just put it out into the world.

I went home and immediately started to sketch out falling ingredients.




I don't know how these ingredients will be integrated with the newsletter, but I was messing around on Society6, and maybe it'll be a t-shirt, or curtains or something.

Why would anyone want curtains from Society6?

Why would anyone want curtains from Society6?

Next step if I was really going to put this pattern onto curtains for Society6 was to make it seamless. As it was, I could see the borders of the original image, especially if they were tiled. So I swapped the corners, shifted the ingredients around so it was still balanced yet random, overlapped tomatoes and patties between borders, and made sure they all lined up.

Now, if you want curtains or something stupid, like a backpack, that is now an option. If it were on Society6. But it's not. I'm sorry.

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