Latest Project: Dachshund Buns

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

In January, during a very boring, very tedious and meandering phone call, I doodled this little guy: My spirit animal, jumping into a pillowy, perfectly-sized bun while being drenched in Whataburger condiments

The Quick Yellow Dachshund Jumps Over The Lazy Bun  (2017). iPad

The Quick Yellow Dachshund Jumps Over The Lazy Bun (2017). iPad

I particularly liked this doodle and didn't want it to be thrown out immediately after the call or disappear after 24 hours on Snapchat, so I tried to put it into something a little more permanent. So I gave it a shot on my iPad. Clearly, I wasn't happy with this, but I was also doing it in bed before I went fell asleep, so this isn't a fair assessment.

Months went by and I always wanted to revisit this little dog. I didn't know whether I wanted it to be a pattern or just a thing, but I did know that I didn't want it to end on this note.

So I gave it a couple quick sketches. One was to see how it'd look as I daydreamed it and the other was to explore different angles the little dog could be viewed.

I exported the image into Photoshop with the outlined layers and traced over them with Kyle's Brushes. I debated what style I wanted to do these in. The first attempt was with using a halftone technique, limited to four colors.

It was ok, but still not how I pictured it. I spent an entire year drawing animals with an outline and I didn't want to rely on that, so I tried again.

Dachshund Buns (2017). Digital

Now this is what I see when I close my eyes during a phone call with a client: Jumping into a bunch of buns.

Happy Fourth of July.