Latest Photos: Washington State

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

I’m really liking this part in my life where I accidentally revisit all the parts of America I glanced over while on my trip, like that time I went to Albuquerque with a personal, local tour guide, or when I got to go to St. Louis and film a commercial inside the City Museum.

This time, I got to go back to Washington state for a wedding in Spokane. But while in Spokane, why not visit my good friends Joseph and Yuwi in Seattle, and hike Mount Rainier a bit, and then rent a car and visit that weird Bavarian town in the middle of nowhere two hours east of Seattle, and then finish the drive to Spokane in time for the wedding? Then why not spend an extra day after wedding to keep driving east to go to C’oeur D’Alene, Idaho, and maybe that weird rest stop/gift shop/motel in Montana that was advertised all over the interstate like a Buc-ee’s, Silver Dollar 50,000$?

There’s no good reason as to why not, so I did all that.

Shout out to Joe and Yuwi who are accidentally building a Noah’s ark, collecting two of every animal in their apartment, yet still accommodating me. And David and his wife Kristin for that wedding in the mountains. And when my BBH pal, Brian Moore tweeted how he was on an episode of Reply All and then I was listening to that episode, and in the middle of that interview, I ran into THAT VERY BRIAN MOORE in the book store. And to Oscar for begrudgingly hiking, despite hating every bit of it after the first half mile. And Jacob for riding a baby gondola despite hating heights. And the Toronto Raptors for doing that.