Latest Project: @Grey Instagram (Part 2)

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

Almost two years to the week after my first takeover of Grey’s instagram, I decided to do it once more. I was asked if I’d do illustrations again, but I didn’t have the time. But I did have a 3D camera. Last takeover’s concept was setting up your out-of-office message while you get ready for the summer. Some initial themes I wanted for this takeover were:

  • Wish you were here

  • Goodbye New York, or Why I’m Leaving New York, or New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

  • Sad dogs tied up in front of restaurants and stores

I ended up going with none of those and just took my camera out for a walk, and did it live, as they say.

Below are images from my Grey Instagram Takeover™. Please note that the guidelines say that any posted images need to be achromatic (GREYscale), but I asked, “How bout not.” And they were like, “Sure.”

Below that are outtakes I wish I could have posted but couldn’t or chose not to.

Takeover May 14-19, 2019


I contemplated posting old 3D, stereographs of my travels to Albuquerque and Bangkok and wherever, but the streets demanded fresh content. I forgot how fun walking around New York with a camera was. I accidentally walked through an Alan Yang rally in Washington Square Park; ran into my barber at her new location during my lunch break and popped in for an impromptu trim; saw soccer games from leagues to pick-up, shirts-versus-skins game; ran into my friends I hadn’t seen since they got married; and all that weird, charming New York City stuff you see when you walk from Flatiron to the 9/11 Memorial.

A lot of people stopped and ask me what kind of lens I was using. Like a lot. But my favorite was a guy who was hanging out with his girlfriend at the Sara Delano Roosevelt Park by the soccer fields. After explaining the dual lens to him, he thanked me and said I should hurry up and get that golden hour light.

When I leave New York City, these photos will take me back and make me wish I was still here and I might never know what that weird orange pipe coming out of the sewer is. Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.

Bonus: I got to post this on the Grey Instagram story. By far my greatest work there.