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Latest Project: Mud

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I didn't start drinking coffee until after my mom told me I should learn how to drink coffee in high school because I'd need it in college; after someone woke me up in Intro to Art History 1301 because class was over and I told him my next class (Intro to Art History 1302) was also in this auditorium so I just slept through that class, too; after I pulled an all-nighter at my first internship and fell asleep at my desk in Boulder; after I pulled another all-nighter at my second internship and fell asleep at my desk in New York; after I moved to East Village across the street from Mud.

Literally across the street. Like, if I made a tin-can telephone from my fire escape to Mud, I could put in an order, run down the six flights and get the cup in 30 seconds.

Mud is special to me because I'd grab a cup every day on my way to work and the people there were part of the 9th Street community: Greg and Seth would talk basketball with us, we invited everyone to our Fourth of July parties, Garrett took Mark and Bonnie's bed when they moved to Amsterdam. And also their coffee tastes like hot chocolate.

After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the Mud Truck came to the rescue and the line went around the block.

After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the Mud Truck came to the rescue and the line went around the block.

Anyway, during a brief period when my roommate, Bonnie, and I had an overlap in unemployment, I talked about doing this project where she'd blog about coffee and I'd paint different coffee shops using their coffee. That never happened.

Five years later and inspired by the stylings of Christoph Niemann, I finally decided to see how it'd be. First I started in Photoshop, using Kyle's brushes with a couple colors: black coffee, and coffee mixed with white paint to mimic cream.

The painting on the left was based on a picture I took in April. When I came back a month later, I realized the windows were open: my favorite time of year, when I could literally sit outside Mud for hours. So I redid the windows in Photoshop and had the draft to base my painting off of.

Now I knew coffee was a weird medium (I've seen my mom dye fabrics in coffee), but I wasn't expecting it to be so faint. I experimented different techniques on how to maximize color with temperature, layers and grounds-to-water ratio, but no matter what, it was never as dark as it gets when I spill coffee on my white tee.

Experimenting different methods with two of the three mugs I saved from downsizing.

Experimenting different methods with two of the three mugs I saved from downsizing.

It was becoming clear that the "black coffee" color from the Photoshop test was an overestimation so I'd just have to be patient and layer coffee over coffee.

It took two episodes of Master Chef Junior and the first quarter of Wonder Woman, but I like how it ended up. It was a struggle to scan because it's so faint, and I'm not sure how long it'll last because coffee is acidic and that's not good for paper, but the possibility of me licking the paper is also on the table.

Mudspot , May 6, 2018. Coffee on paper That's not me in the window but that's definitely  Ego  on the ground.

Mudspot, May 6, 2018. Coffee on paper
That's not me in the window but that's definitely Ego on the ground.

Because I'm obsessed with things in sets of threes, I'm going to work on Mud's two other venues, Mud Hut on 1st and Houston and Mud Truck (RIP).

Latest Project: Oh, You Fancy

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In June, I was eating a chicken sandwich with my friends at Fuku. A guy came up and asked if he could use our ketchup. I said sure and handed it to him but didn't realized my friend was still using it. I also didn't realize she loves ketchup.

I started thinking about her love of ketchup, how fancy she is, and how ketchup is sometimes described as "fancy."

Then I sketched this out:

Lettering explorations on Procreate. Along with different iterations of the popular phrase.

Lettering explorations on Procreate. Along with different iterations of the popular phrase.

It took a while to finally get this going because I wasn't sure how I'd do this. Initial thought was to just put the ketchup straight on the kitchen counter or white foam board. After weeks of getting to rethink of how absolutely gross and stupid that would have been, I remembered we had cool dishes from Fishs Eddy.

I bought a thing of small thing of ketchup, and stopped by a nearby deli for french fries, both for the fries and the tiny ketchup packets. And the reason why the fries weren't used in the final shot is because they were gross.

1. Raw // 2. Processed // 3. Retouched // 4. Final

Oh You Fancy, 2017. Ketchup on ceramic.

This isn't on purpose, but I now have two sentences made out of food and only one more for the complete set.

Latest Project: Cheeseburger Friday Newsletter

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While I was at Leo Burnett New York, my friend started Cheeseburger Friday, CBF. Every Friday, we'd go to a new burger place. Even after I left LBNY, I'd join every now and then for a cheeseburger with my friends. We had discussions, rankings and a physical leaderboard.

Anyway, I imported CBF to Grey and it started off as a tiny thing cause Shake Shack is across the street in the park, but it grew into a bigger thing cause there were a lot of burger places around 23rd and 5th and now we have discussions, spreadsheets, algorithms, ranks and grades.

After an average-cheeseburger CBF, I visited my dear friend's studio show and was hit with inspiration and a little revelation: Cheeseburger Fridays isn't about cheeseburgers. It's about hanging out friends, co-workers and turning co-workers into new friends and we all just happen to be eating the same food.

I wanted to make a newsletter to let the people express their CBF experiences through art and copy that wouldn't have to be scrutinized by their boss or clients and could just put it out into the world.

I went home and immediately started to sketch out falling ingredients.




I don't know how these ingredients will be integrated with the newsletter, but I was messing around on Society6, and maybe it'll be a t-shirt, or curtains or something.

Why would anyone want curtains from Society6?

Why would anyone want curtains from Society6?

Next step if I was really going to put this pattern onto curtains for Society6 was to make it seamless. As it was, I could see the borders of the original image, especially if they were tiled. So I swapped the corners, shifted the ingredients around so it was still balanced yet random, overlapped tomatoes and patties between borders, and made sure they all lined up.

Now, if you want curtains or something stupid, like a backpack, that is now an option. If it were on Society6. But it's not. I'm sorry.

Cheeseburger Recipe, 2017. Digital

Latest Project: I'd Rather Die Than Diet poster

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I'd Rather Die Than Diet, 2015. Sour belts on paper.

I keep snacks at my desk and coworkers like to swing by. Sometimes to talk, but mainly for the snacks.

One time, my frequent friend Amanda swung down and turned down some snacks cause she was dieting and one of us said, I'd rather die than diet.

Thus, these pages of sketches like this were drawn in my notebook:


Next step required buying bags and bags of sour belts from Lower East Side's Economy Candy and lay it all out.

Touch-ups include: softening shadows and removing lines, stray candy pieces, and pins

I made some prints and gave it to some friends and coworkers, including Amanda. I'd even put it in the office kitchen but I'm certain it'd be removed fairly quickly

For the record, I'd rather diet than die, but perhaps a diet of Ben and Jerry's is the best way to go.