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Latest Project: Frieds of March 2018

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

10 months ago, after eating at a really good fried chicken restaurant in Greenpoint that has since closed, I was inspired to try more fried chicken sandwiches. 

I told my friend, Casey, that I wanted to make a day of it. It'd be on, oh…I don't know…, March 15, and I'd call it, ummmmm…how about, Frieds of March? So I'd have to wait, like 10 more months to make this stupid event a thing just because I like to commit a really stupid pun.

First I mapped out some noteworthy fried chicken sandwiches in the city.

Frieds of March, to-eat list

Frieds of March, to-eat list

"How are we going to eat at all these places in one day?" my friends would ask.

Listen. I don't know. The furthest I planned this was the name and date. It's one of those "cross that bridge" situations.

And then they'd ask, Could I eat nine different chicken sandwiches throughout the course of a day? Of course.

Am I going to take a PTO day just so I can eat at least nine friend chicken sandwiches throughout the day? Yes. Of course.

Fine. But would I be ok with eating alone at at least nine fried chicken restaurants because no one else is committed to the craft like me? Absolutely yes.

But I decided that if this is going to be an inaugural event, I should choose just three? So I can do it again next year?

Anyway, I had to make an invitation that wasn't just a calendar invite.

I started with Vincenzo Camuccini's Death of Caesar. An obvious choice, but a painting I'm fascinated with, and one of the few I can remember the name of.

That's not to say I was interested in Julius Caesar. I don't remember much about Julius Caesar; I didn't pay much attention in sophomore English, but I know there was a conspiracy to kill the guy and this and that.

So initially this was just going to be a teaser/save-the-date type invitation, but I wanted it to decode like we're in a secret society, conspiring to commit to chicken, and if you stare at the image for longer than two seconds, you can see what happens on March 15.

Process shots and breakdown of the type transformation. The font is called "Diamonds."

I also considered making Caesar an entire chicken but I made it too sexual, so I abandoned it.

This Chicken Caesar's coming after your man.

Latest Project: Alief 4 Life

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

If you didn't know I was from Alief, either we didn't grow up together, or we simply have never talked in person.

So in case you didn't know, I'm from Alief and I've been thinking of making Alief stuff. Shirts, perhaps? Because every time I see someone wearing an Alife shirt, I get real excited and think it says Alief and I get upset and I am tired of it.

I made this and maybe it'll be a neon lamp or something. TBD.

Alief 4 Life

Or I could just screen print my Twitter bio onto a bunch of t-shirts and call it streetwear.

My Twitter bio

My Twitter bio

Latest Project: Oh, You Fancy

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

In June, I was eating a chicken sandwich with my friends at Fuku. A guy came up and asked if he could use our ketchup. I said sure and handed it to him but didn't realized my friend was still using it. I also didn't realize she loves ketchup.

I started thinking about her love of ketchup, how fancy she is, and how ketchup is sometimes described as "fancy."

Then I sketched this out:

Lettering explorations on Procreate. Along with different iterations of the popular phrase.

Lettering explorations on Procreate. Along with different iterations of the popular phrase.

It took a while to finally get this going because I wasn't sure how I'd do this. Initial thought was to just put the ketchup straight on the kitchen counter or white foam board. After weeks of getting to rethink of how absolutely gross and stupid that would have been, I remembered we had cool dishes from Fishs Eddy.

I bought a thing of small thing of ketchup, and stopped by a nearby deli for french fries, both for the fries and the tiny ketchup packets. And the reason why the fries weren't used in the final shot is because they were gross.

1. Raw // 2. Processed // 3. Retouched // 4. Final

Oh You Fancy, 2017. Ketchup on ceramic.

This isn't on purpose, but I now have two sentences made out of food and only one more for the complete set.

Latest Project: Vampire State of Mind poster

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

This idea popped in my mind some time around November 2014. I waited and waited for the Empire State Building to light up completely red. It took two months, but it happened. The picture, sat on my computer, forgotten, and collecting digital dust.

Then the week of Halloween, I suddenly remembered my idea, waiting for a year to finally happen, that would only work for one week of the year. I completely forgot what month I took the photo from my roof. I went through literally years of photographs through three hard drives.

Finally, coming back to the first drive I started the search for, I found it. And this was made, four days before Halloween.

I mean…I guess vampires don't just exist during Halloween. They're a culture, not a costume after all.

Latest Project: I'd Rather Die Than Diet poster

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

I'd Rather Die Than Diet, 2015. Sour belts on paper.

I keep snacks at my desk and coworkers like to swing by. Sometimes to talk, but mainly for the snacks.

One time, my frequent friend Amanda swung down and turned down some snacks cause she was dieting and one of us said, I'd rather die than diet.

Thus, these pages of sketches like this were drawn in my notebook:


Next step required buying bags and bags of sour belts from Lower East Side's Economy Candy and lay it all out.

Touch-ups include: softening shadows and removing lines, stray candy pieces, and pins

I made some prints and gave it to some friends and coworkers, including Amanda. I'd even put it in the office kitchen but I'm certain it'd be removed fairly quickly

For the record, I'd rather diet than die, but perhaps a diet of Ben and Jerry's is the best way to go.

Latest Project: HOUSTON

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

I have some paintings and a proposal I need to finish, but this idea popped in my head. This is what procrastination looks like.

I outlined the Sam Houston Monument in Illustrator and placed it on a photo of Houston I took in 2011 when I was on my way to Colorado.

Used the bottom one. Not the blue one.

Used the bottom one. Not the blue one.

I can't resist a good opportunity to run the gradient through some hue adjustments. This is what procrastination tastes like:

City of the Candy, according to Houston's own, Mike Jones.

Latest Project: Quick Brown Foxes Jumping Over Lazy Dogs, series

Added on by Nathan Hoang.

A series of paintings of how quick brown foxes jump over lazy dogs according to how a font looks and feels.

I started drawing foxes jumping over dogs in 2010 but didn't continue on because I wasn't entirely happy with the quality of the illustrations. They were Crayola map pencils drawn in a notebook with a font printed on a  mailing label.

In 2013, inspired my roommates' dog Ego, I picked up the project again but painted each scene instead of crudely illustrating what each type conveyed.


The rest of the series can be seen at /quickbrownfoxes with more to come.