paintings / Post No Bills

Walls that say “POST NO BILLS” are ubiquitous in New York. Most are ignored because people don’t have bills to post. Some are vandalized with different well-known people named Bill. And more are posted with actual bills. So I decided to update the old and unattractive stencils a typographic update.

2013-03 week 2 export-1.jpg
2013-03 week 2 export-2.jpg
2013-03 week 2 export-4.jpg
2013-03 week 2 export-3.jpg
2013-03 week 2 export-5.jpg
2013-03 week 2 export-6.jpg
2013-03 week 2 export-7.jpg
2013-03 week 2 export-8.jpg
2013-03 week 4 export-60.jpg
2013-03 week 4 export-61.jpg

To create the stencils, I had to reinforce the paper with masking tape (after learning that using duct tape would be too difficult to cut), then attached it to a foam board.

2013-02 week 4 export-9.jpg
2013-02 week 4 export-10.jpg