A series of patches for some notable Houston Rockets seasons through their franchise history.

You can read more about these patches in /latest.

When people come over and look out into the skyline, they want to know what building's what. Usually it's just simply, "Is that the Empire State Building or is that the Empire State Building?" So I made this chart because I'm all about giving TMI.

You can read a little more about this process but mainly how I got this apartment in Greenpoint in /latest.

2012-11 week 5 export-76.jpg

Manhattan’s avenues aren’t laid out north to south because that would be inefficient. Instead, it runs parallel to the rivers, making the general layout of the island about 29° off from true north.

So I bought a couple compasses to modify them to point in the direction of a Manhattan north instead of a magnetic north, because nothing’s worse than coming out of the subway and walking 10 blocks in the wrong direction.

2012-11 week 5 export-75.jpg

In 2011, I made a style guide for myself and other Nathans Hoang and seven years later, like other big-name brands that go to Pentagram for a brand refresh, I updated my style guide to reflect a new me: someone who's lived and worked in New York City for far too long. 


You can read through all the pages here, or as a PDF in /downloads, or read about the process in /latest

You can read more about the project in /latest.

I also attached a clock to the calendar where the day hand takes a full year to make a revolution, just in time to remind me that this will be there year the Houston Rockets win their third championship.

Ego models my assortment of lucky hats. Notably absent is an NHL hat because I'm from Texas.

(Also seen in the I Love Charts: The Book book)

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