Hi Simon & Schuster,

I'm an advertising art director and I make stuff on the side. I always loved going into book stores because it's like an art museum where I can actually touch the art. I got in trouble as a kid once because I spent all my time in the bookmarks section instead of actually looking for books to read.

Anyway, below are some ads I art directed and some projects I made.


In 2013, I went on a Kickstarter-funded, 50-state, 99-day road trip to learn why locals called their state home (food, mainly). Then I made a bunch of posters, postcards and a couple books from my learnings.

Below is the video of the project and sample spreads from the book.

You can learn more about this project and see all 51 posters at /home

Project Notes

I needed a way to keep detailed notes on my projects, but my regular notebook wouldn't suffice. Inspired by dentists' charts and notes (I used to be a dental assistant), I made my own.

In it, I can keep track of the project's color palettes and brushes, etc. This way, whenever I open up the Photoshop file at a later date, I'll know why I have so many inexplicable layers.

The cover is from a digital painting I did of big cats.

My notes for the I'd Rather Die Than Diet poster

Emergen-C Posters

Emergen-C wanted to promote their new nighttime product, Emergen-Z along side their regular orange powder.

Chobani Champions Posters

Chobani wanted to make a series school cafeteria posters featuring their Olympic athletes that stood out and wasn't your typical motivational T•E•A•M•W•O•R•K posters.

Flags of the World Pop-Up Book

In 2010, I was immobile from an ACL tear, so I watched a lot of World Cup and noticed how there were overlaps in flag designs. So I made this pop-up book to make sense of it all.

Pattern Playing Cards

I met a client at her high-end fabric store in Houston and fell in love with the patterns surrounding me. The paisleys were beautiful and the damask curtains were so fancy. I went home and drew some of my own and then it spiraled out of control until I made these playing cards.

Post No Bills

Walking around New York City, I always noticed how construction sites stenciled Post No Bills with possibly the worst possible font. I decided I'd make some stencils and help improve the beautification of the gentrification of the city.


Feel free to look at more work or see my /latest projects on the blog.


Here's a poster I made, inspired by a conversation I had with a co-worker. You can see this project's notes in my Project Notebook.

I'd Rather Die Than Diet, 2015. Sour belts on paper.
See the process and the story behind this in the /latest projects.