Sam Houston Crossing the Buffalo, 2017
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I moved out of Houston in 2011 after spending my entire life in the southwest part of town. 

Every time I go back home, something changes. First, my favorite book store turned into a grocery store. Then everything that was in the loop became “Houston Proper.” And then the cool way to abbreviate Houston went from HOU to HTX.

But as I watched local day and night coverage of Houston rapidly going underwater, from 1,400 miles away, I only saw the city I know and love.

A city where neighbors selflessly helped their neighbors during the storm…then after the storm. Where local commercial celebrities with silly catchphrases went from saving you money to saving lives. And where a surprisingly large amount of the population own a boat of some sort. 

No matter what we go through or what weird, new nicknames we get, H-Tine will always be special. We will always have that heart, hustle, syrup, candy, screw, bayous, space and clutch mentality to rebuild. And most importantly, we will always have each other.

That’s the spirit of Houston.