paintings / There Was An Old Lady

We all sang this kids’ song not truly understanding how morbid it was. We also didn’t stop twice to think realize that horses are herbivores and would have no business eating another animal (or cows, even, in some extended versions of the song that also include the rest of Old MacDonald’s barn animals).


About the project:
Bought the blank babushka dolls in late 2011, didn’t paint them till mid 2012, and didn’t make it public till early 2013. Because of distractions.

Sometimes, the hardest part of starting a project is putting pencil to wood, painting over it and taking a bunch of photos for stop-motion animation after recording yourself singing “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly” while playing the ukulele.

2012-03 Week 2 export-2.jpg
2012-03 Week 2 export-5.jpg
2012-03 Week 2 export-7.jpg
2012-04 week 3 export-36.jpg
2012-04 week 5 export-8.jpg